Ergoosie software

Ergoosie-XP 1.2 (build 431).
If you discover any bugs please send us some feedback Ergoosie feedback
** For request of a new licenscode, send an email to Ergoosie support

Before you start your download please checkout the System requirements below and notice the size of the files, approx. 85 MB.

<<  Drag & drop the symbol in your  App folder <<


If you are running a PC dowload Ergoosie-XP-us1.2.exe file abowe to your computer.
Right click the link to save the file on your desktop.
Double click on the Ergoosie-XP  symbol to start the installer.

System Requirements

A full installation of Ergoosie requires 85 MB free disc space, a minimal installation 28 MB. To run Ergoosie-X you'll need QuickTime 6.5 or newer.

You will find Quicktime on the installation CD.
or via

Windows PC

  • Ergoosie-XP version 1.2
  • AMD/ Pentiumprocessor / 500MHZ
  • At least 256MB RAM / 512MB rekommended
  • Windows 2000/XP


  • Ergoosie-X version 1.2 (Mac OS X) / Intel
  • G3/G4 processor / 500MHZ
  • At least 256MB RAM / 512MB rekommended
  • Mac OS X 10.3 / 10.6 / Intel