Ergoosie- a pause program for those of you that work in front of computer screens.

Ergoosie- a pause program developed specially for you who are working in front of a computer screen.
The application consists of  exercises for relaxing and training composed to fit your needs.

You can follow the exercises easily and if you wish, listen to music during your exercise from your iTunes favorites or a Ergoosie.mp3 list created from your music libraries.

Ergoosie is developed together with experienced ergonomics and tested by thousands of users, until now mainly on the Windows platform. We hope this initial release for the Mac will encourage you to  join the group of satisfied Ergoosie users.

If you are just curios before download, please  >>read the manual <<


Ergoosie-X(P) 1.2 is delivered to day in a swedish and English version for Windows XP/2000 & Macintosh /Panther (Mac OS X 10.3)
You can test it for free during 15 days in demo mode by downloading it >> from here <<"

You can by a license from our online store for Ergoosie-X(P) 1.2 when your period of testing has ended.


You'll need a broadband connection to download the software because of the large (57 MB) file size.
Ergoosie-X(P) 1.2 system requirement, Windows XP/2000 or Mac OS X version 10.3 (Panther) or newer.
Hard disk needs are at least 68 MB free disc space, and a computer matching an AMD/Intel/500MHz processor or a G4/500MHz with 512MB of ram.

About the Company

Ergoosie is developed by SoftCult AB, a Swedish Software Company with many years of  experience developing software with the users in mind. All software development  at SoftCult takes place in collaboration with specialists and other experts in the branch there the software will be used.

Ergoosie® is a SE registered trademark of SoftCult AB and protected by  Copyright and other rules common in the Software branch.